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Lets talk all things rugs


Who Are We?

Gamila Rugs Australia is an online rug store which specialises in a range of beautiful rugs including transitional, modern, flat weave, traditional, scandinavian and everything in between.

Rugs Online Australia

Gamila Rugs is an Australian Owned and Operated Online rug store located in Sydney. We offer free shipping Australia Wide on all orders over $99 to ensure that the process of purchasing your dream rug is seamless from start to finish. 

High Quality Rugs

All of our rugs are made from high quality materials by exceptionally skilled artisans from across the globe. Many of our rugs are hand-made and enormous amounts of work has been dedicated to creating these stunning, unique rugs. We strive to offer our customers affordably priced rugs and have a range of collections to suit each style and budget.

Which Size Rug to Choose?

Small rugs are the best suited to offices and smaller bedrooms.

When choosing a rug for your living room bedroom, we highly suggest going the largest possible size your space can fit. An extra large rug is going to completely open up the space, making it appear larger and more open. 

Our runner rugs are best suited to hallways and kitchens. Runner rugs can also add a beautiful visual element to bathrooms. 

We always suggest using an underlay under your rug to prevent slippage but to also protect your rug from damage. 

For assistance with choosing the correct size rug for your home, please do reach out and we would be very happy to assist. 

Which style of rug should you choose?

Natural Rugs are made from Natural fibres derived from the Earth. Natural Fibre Rugs are the perfect option for those after an eco friendly and sustainable option. Natural Rugs include rugs made from Cotton, Wool, Sisal, Jute and Hemp. Natural Rugs are not only great for your health but they are durable and always stay in style!

Jute rugs are personally my favourite. They are a natural eco friendly rug that add a beautiful natural element to your space. Jute rugs are natural, soft and durable. These rugs are also pet and kid friendly and easy to clean. These rugs come in a range of shapes including oval and rectangular. 

Wool rugs are super lush! There is nothing like stepping onto a gorgeous lush pile of wool. Not only are they soft but they will add texture and make your space beyond cosy.

Which Rugs are best suited to high traffic areas?

For high traffic areas or those wanting a pet and/or kid friendly option, you simply can't go past our polypropylene rugs. These rugs are durable and easy to clean up. Our polypropylene rugs are available in a range of styles and sizes including small, medium, large and runner size. 

What Colour Rug Should I Choose?

We have a range of different coloured rugs including black and white rugs, beige rugs, multi coloured rugs and natural earthy rugs. Which rug will suit best will depend on your current style, colour and decor. If you need a hand, please don't hesitate to reach out for some free advice!

If in doubt, a neutral rug is always the best option. This will ensure that the rug will blend seamlessly into the space regardless of the style/decor. Beige rugs are a popular choice, along with our white and grey rugs. 


Image: supplied by our lovely customer Molly. You can follow Molly on her instagram @carterhomebuild